The escalation package

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escalation is an R package for dose-escalation clinical trials, providing a consistent, extensible, modular approach.

It largely uses existing R implementations of popular dose-finding designs, including the continual reassessment method (CRM) design from the dfcrm package, the Bayesian optimal interval (BOIN) design from the BOIN package, and the perennial 3+3.

escalation bestows these model-fitting functions with a common interface. This allows the provision of add-on behaviours that affect the way that doses are selected, or trial stopping decisions are made. For example, it is simple to compose a CRM design that will not skip doses and will stop once a recommended dose has been given to $n$ patients; or a BOIN design that will demand that a certain dose is tested sufficiently before stopping is countenanced; and so on. Functions are provided to run simulations and enumerate all possible future dose paths. See related blog posts or the package documentation site for many illustrative examples.

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Kristian Brock
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I am a clinical trial statistician that likes to use Bayes.